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    Should I apply any product when going out to the sun?

    UV rays of sun may particularly be harmful when you stay under sun for long time between 12:00 and 16:00. Sun protective product should be used to protect the skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun. When selecting sun protective product, important thing is that you select the product suitable for your skin type.

    In case you do not apply sun protective product, you have the risk of sunburn in short term depending on the type of your skin (especially if your have light skin or sensitive skin).  Furthermore, there may be results like skin redness, stains, dryness, elasticity loss, allergy, freckles and skin blistering. In long term, damages of sun rays may cause numerous permanent skin problems. Accelerates skin aging and wrinkle formation.

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    When buying sun care product, how should I make a preference?

    First of all, you should select the product suitable for the type of your skin to protect yourself from sun as required. If you have light skin and sensitive skin, you should use high protection factor product.

    SPF is the abbreviation of Sun Protection Factor. As the number of Sun Protection Factor gets bigger, protective feature of the product increases. Sun Protection Factor necessary for the skin depends on the type of skin. However, dermatologists point out to the necessity of protection from the sun for all skin types.

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    What should I pay attention to most when going out to the sun?

    Dermatologists recommend to use sun care products with high or very high factor for first days under the sun. In the following days, continue with sun care product with protection factor suitable for the type of your skin.

    Apply sun protection product 30 minutes before going out to the sun and then reuse it at regular intervals.